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Joseph Taggart – attorney at law

financial and Medical planning

Emerald Vale Legal can help you prepare for the future. At one point or another in our lives any of us could find ourselves incapable of making important financial or medical decisions. It is important to appoint someone beforehand to act in your place when the need arises. By preparing beforehand, you ensure your final wishes will be followed, and it prevents your loved ones from making difficult decisions without your guidance.

Here at Emerald Vale Legal we work closely with our clients to draft personalized versions of the following documents to ensure they are prepared:

  • Durable Power of Attorney,
  • Advance Care Directive,
  • Living Will, and
  • POLST (physician order for life sustaining treatment).

Durable Power of Attorney 

A durable power of attorney appoints an agent to act on your behalf in financial matters.. Establishing a durable power of attorney is a good idea for anyone owning real property or other financial assets. A durable power of attorney is especially important for individuals who fear that age or health problems may at some point make it impossible to handle their own financial matters. We recommend appointing an agent that you trust, and with whom you have conversed regarding your financial priorities.

Emerald Vale Legal helps clients to identify what powers to grant to their agent, and at what times the agent will be authorized to carry out those powers. We wwork hard to customize the document to best suit the client's needs. 

Advance Care Directive

An advance care directive, like a durable power of attorney, involves appointing an agent to act on your behalf, but the advance care directive deals specifically with healthcare decisions. This is especially important for individuals with specific healthcare wishes they desire to be respected. Emerald Vale Legal tailors the advance care directive to ensure our client's desires and needs are followed.

Living Will 

A living will determines how decisions will be made under certain physically or mentally debilitating  circumstances. Including, but not limited to, at what point you would prefer to have, or not to have, life-sustaining care provided to you. By making these decisions beforehand you save your family from having to make agonizing and difficult decisions during your time of need.

POLST (Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment)

This new form adopted by the state of Utah is designed to take place of the old Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) forms. The POLST form is filled out by you and your physician, and acts as a doctor's prescription for your end-of-life preferences. This document is most useful in emergency situations where the circumstances cannot accommodate a thorough reference to other legal documents. Unlike the DNR, this form may be given to EMTs and other healthcare professionals, as an effective and instant way to communicate end-of-life wishes. Emerald Vale Legal provides this form to you and instructs you how to fill it out with your physician.